2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 23, 2024  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Convergence Media

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Department Coordinator

Dr. Elizabeth Christian


Christian, Manuel, Young

In a rapidly evolving, increasingly mediated environment, the Department of Convergence Media offers students an innovative approach to media education focused in one of three concentrations - Journalism, Media Production, or Sports Media. We seek to prepare students for the world of media convergence by offering a curriculum that fosters critical thinking and the development of diverse media skills, whether in Journalism, Media Production, or Sports Media.

In the classroom, students learn up-to-date writing, reporting and broadcasting techniques as well as cutting edge visual and online skills from faculty whose expertise has been developed in both academic and professional settings. Our effort to develop the next generation of media scholars and professionals comes with the understanding that students must be given the necessary tools for success both in and out of the classroom. Our faculty makes extensive use of professionals in various applications of journalism, media production and public relations from the Central Louisiana community and across the United States. Students get immediate, hands-on experience from their first year in the program.

Additionally, our students are challenged with the need for higher “intangibles” among media scholars and professionals - those that extend beyond having a computer and access to the Internet. Objectivity, ethics, media theory and law are a major focus of the LC Convergence Media experience. What better place to do that than at a Christian college, where a commitment to Jesus Christ gives our students a higher calling to meet the ideals that make an aspiring student a truly excellent media professional. While completing their studies in our program, students develop diverse media skills through participation in multiple media platforms. Students will find the proper place to develop their media skills through:


Known as “the voice of Louisiana College,” KZLC is a low power, educational radio station that broadcasts 24 hours per day, seven days a week. In addition, the station is now streaming through the Internet through www.wildcatsmedia.com. Participation is open to all students to serve as DJs, announcers and programmers. Additionally, Convergence Journalism students have ample opportunities to learn how to do radio news as well as play-by-play for LC Wildcats sporting events.

Wildcats Media

In keeping with an ever-changing media landscape, in 2009 we transitioned away from a traditional print newspaper to an online news platform, www.wildcatsmedia.com. Written, edited and published by student staff members, under the direction of a faculty adviser, our website provides a laboratory experience for the development of journalistic skills. Wildcats Media’s presence on the Internet includes our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel. For more information, call (318) 487-7597.

Wildcat Weekly

Wildcat Weekly is a combined production of students that serves several roles. In the fall semester, Wildcat Weekly follows the Louisiana College football and soccer teams and provides highlights and interviews in a weekly format. In the spring, Wildcat Weekly focuses more on overall campus events with an annual wrap of top stories. Throughout the entire academic year, Wildcat Weekly Minute Update is played before Thursday morning chapel services to give a glance of events occurring on the LC campus. Speaking of chapel, ours is recorded each week by a team of students running multiple cameras, audio, pro-presenter and other broadcast components.

The Pine Knot

The annual yearbook is developed by a student staff and is supervised by a faculty adviser. Students involved in the yearbook have the opportunity to leave their own unique mark on LC by creating a work for posterity. Positions include editor, copy writer, page designer, and photographer.


Louisiana College now streams over the Internet key sporting events including all LC home football games. Students serve as the broadcast team by running cameras and other components of a multi-camera broadcast. www.iHIGH.com/louisianacollege

Bachelor of Arts in Convergence Media

Students majoring in Convergence Media receive a Bachelor of Arts in Convergence Media in one of three concentrations: Journalism, Media Production or Public Relations. Each concentration requires the successful completion of 48 hours of coursework. Regardless of concentration, all students within the program complete a 21-hour core block of courses designed to develop diverse skills required of an increasingly convergent media environment. Students then take an additional 27-hour block of courses within a specialized concentration of their choosing, be it focused in Journalism, Media Production or Sports Media. The 21-hour core classes required of all Department of Convergence Media students includes: CM 100 , CM 216 , CM 421 , MP 101 , CM 490 JN 201  and PR 368 .

Journalism Concentration

The Journalism concentration equips students for success in the modern media landscape by requiring students to develop effective skills in traditional journalistic forms such as writing, broadcasting and photography as well as skills in cutting-edge digital, graphic and web-based formats. The B.A. in Convergence Media requires 21 Communication Core hours, and 27 Journalism concentration courses. The 27 hours will consist of: JN 184  (1) /JN 284  (2) / JN 384  2) /JN 484  (1), JN 301 , JN 305 , JN 400  and 12 (12) hours from among the following: JN 302 JN 309 JN 315 JN 325 , JN 327 , JN 341 , JN 352 , MP 268 MP 410 , or CM 450 .

Media Production Concentration

The Media Production concentration equips students for success in various production applications, be it ministry production, television or news production as well as film and documentary focused projects. The B.A. in Convergence Media requires 21 Communication Core hours and 27 hours in Media Production concentration courses. The 27 hours will consist of: MP 370  (1), MP 371  (1), MP 372  (1), MP 373  (1), MP 374  (1), MP 375  (1),  MP 261 , MP 268 , MP 410 MP 470 , CM 250 , and six hours from MP 325  (2) and MP 326  (1), MP 364 , MP 365 , MP 366 , JN 352  or CM 450 .

Sports Media Concentration

The Sports Media concentration equips students for success in the fast-paced world of sports journalism, broadcasting and production. In addition to developing skills in traditional forms of sports reporting and photography, you will develop skills in cutting-edge digital, graphic and web-based formats. In addition to the 21-hour Communication Division Core, you will take 27 hours in the concentration: JN 325  and JN 436  plus choose 21 hours from: JN 184 /JN 284 /JN 384 /JN 484  (4 hours), JN 305 , JN 315 , JN 327 MP 261 , MP 268 , MP 372 /MP 373 (2), JN 400  and CM 450 .

Minors in Convergence Media

In addition to the three concentrations, the Department also offers five minors to meet the needs of students majoring in other fields of study. Designed to complement virtually any major, the Department of Convergence Media offers minors in: Journalism, Mass Media Studies, Media Production, Public Relations and Sports Media.

The minor in Sports Media equips students with basic skills in the fast-paced world of sports journalism, broadcasting and production. Requirements for this 21- hour minor include: Three (3) hours of production labs (JN 184 JN 284 JN 384 ), and JN 201 , JN 315 JN 325 , JN 436  and choose two from: JN 305  or JN 327  and MP 261  or MP 268 .

Designed for students considering graduate work in mass communication, the minor in Mass Media studies requires students complete 21 hours including: CM 100 , CM 250 CM 421 , CA 313 , CA 400  and six (6) hours from among the following choices: CA 330 , CM 465 , JN 341 .

Students desiring a minor in Media Production are required to take 21 hours including: Three (3) hours of practicum (MP 370 , MP 371 , MP 372 , MP 373 , MP 374 MP 375 ), MP 101 , MP 365 , MP 268 , CM 250 , and six (6) hours selected from among the following options: MP 325 , MP 326 , MP 410 , MP 364 , MP 366  and CM 450 .

A versatile minor beneficial for students seeking a career in virtually any field, the minor in Public Relations requires the completion of 21 hours including: PR 368 , PR 472 , PR 473 , JN 201 PR 482 , CA 400  and choose one: JN 309 , JN 315 , MG 334 , CM 421 , CM 465 .

The minor in Media Ministry allows students desiring to work in ministry to get skilled in the production side with hands-on learning in the technical aspects of the field. The 21-hour minor consists of three hours of practicum chosen from: MP 370 , MP 371 , MP 372 , MP 373 , MP 374 , MP 375 , and the following required courses: MP 101 , MP 268 , MP 325 /MP 326 MP 365 , MP 366 , and MP 410 

For those seeking additional information about the Department of Convergence Media, its programs or curriculum, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Christian.




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