2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 24, 2024  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Communication Studies

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Department Coordinator

Dr. Elizabeth Christian



The study of communication is one of the oldest academic disciplines in the Western world and it continues to be one of the most advantageous skill sets sought by potential employers and individuals aspiring to excel in a wide array of fields from education and business to healthcare and Christian studies. Beneficial as both a major area of study or when added as a minor, Communication Studies offers a skill set that equips students to lead in any field.

Students at Louisiana College who major or minor in Communication Studies will be exposed to numerous communication theories across multiple contexts. The learning approach to the study of communication is that of comprehension, adaptation and application. These approaches share a common heritage in the classic Trivium learning model, as advocated by such classic scholars as Plato and Aristotle, which consists of grammar, dialectics and rhetoric. The Communication Studies student at Louisiana College will work to comprehend communication via a theoretical approach. Once the student is equipped with an understanding of theoretical concepts, they will learn how these concepts are adapted in multiple contexts.

As the student comprehends theory and how it is adapted in society, they will then apply the theory to a specific context. This approach is beneficial whether a student is approaching the study of communication in order to be more competitive in the job market, via teaching speech, drama and debate or should the student wish to pursue an academic career. The thrust of Communication Studies at Louisiana College falls directly in line with the mission of the college. As students gain skill sets in the study of communication, they will also learn about the intersection of faith and communication. Therefore, the chief aim of the Communication Studies program is to bring glory to God. We believe this is best achieved by educating students in the pragmatics of human communication in a way that highlights Christ as the standard and Chief communicator.

Students entering the Communication Studies program have a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of course selection. By reducing the number of program specific core classes required, the student is able to select from a group of courses the content that best meets their future goals. For example, if a student is majoring in Business and minoring in Communication Studies, they may complete their minor requirement and then select courses such as Leadership Communication, Crisis Communication or Negotiation and Debate to complete their minor requirements in a way that best complements their field of study. The flexibility and power of choice that is afforded the student who either majors or minors in Communication Studies is invaluable.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

Students majoring in Communication Studies receive a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. The major requires 48 hours be completed in Departmental offerings. Specifically, students are required to take a Communication Core of 21 hours consisting of CM 100 , CM 216 , CM 421 , CM 490 , JN 201 , MP 101 , and PR 368 . In addition, students are required to take 27 hours in Communication Studies courses. The 27 hours will be chosen from: CA 212 , CA 301 , CA 320 , CA 330 , CA 400 , CA 415 , CA 460 CA 115 /CA 315  (1 hour, up to 4 each), CA 214 , CA 313 CA 325  or CM 450 .

Public Relations Concentration

The Public Relations concentration equips students for success in a rapidly expanding industry offering a wide array of possible career options including: Corporate, Non-profit or Governmental Relations, Health Communication, Web-based Relations, Conflict Management or Sports and Entertainment focused communication. The B.A. in Communication Studies requires 21 Communication Core hours and 27 hours in Public Relations concentration courses. The 27 hours will consist of: PR 472 , PR 473 PR 482 , and choose six courses from the following: CA 214 , CA 311 CA 313 , CA 320 CA 330 CA 400 , CA 415 CS 380 , JN 309 , JN 315 CM 465 , MG 334 , or MG 485 .

Minors in Communication Studies

In addition to the major, the Department of Communication Studies offers two minor options: a minor in Communication Studies as well as a minor in Speech Education for prospective educators seeking to teach Communication-related courses in a scholastic setting.

A minor in Communication Studies includes 21 hours from the following: CA 112 (should be taken in college core),  CA 214 CA 400  and 12 hours from the following: CA 212 CA 301 , CA 115 /CA 315  (up to 3), CA 320 , CA 325 , CA 330 , CA 415 CA 450  and PR 368 .

Students minoring in Speech Education are required to take 18 hours including: CA 112 , TH 230 , CA 311 , CA 323  or TH 323 , TH 335  or TH 336 , TH 421 .

For those desiring additional information about the Department of Communication Studies, its programs or curriculum, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Christian.





      Communication Studies

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