2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Apr 22, 2021  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Business

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Division of Business

Division Chair

Dr. Arthur Mazhambe


Culp, LeJeune, Packer




Consistent with the purpose of the college, the Division of Business has a mission of combining a full-time, teaching faculty with an academic program that challenges the student in a community of learning. The Division concentrates its resources on an undergraduate program that emphasizes teaching and a close, caring relationship with students. Learning and free inquiry from a Christian perspective provides an environment where students are encouraged to become sensitive and productive members of society, able to respond to the demands of a rapidly changing world.

The central curriculum, required of all students in the College, provides a broad knowledge and understanding in the areas of the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. This central curriculum requirement combines with the business core curriculum, required of all business students, to give students a solid foundation in the liberal arts as well as the business disciplines.

The professional concentrations in accounting, economics/finance, management/marketing and general business provide specific skills for understanding and functioning in organizations and offer a basis for a lifetime of professional growth and development in a global environment. Therefore, students completing the business program at Louisiana College are characterized by their:

  • Sense of personal values and social responsibility developed through courses in values and business ethics.
  • Creativity in decision-making enriched by participation in casework and business simulations.
  • Oral and written communication ability strengthened by formal courses in communication and the opportunity to make formal and informal presentations.
  • Analytical decision-making skills developed in courses using quantitative methods and problem solving.
  • Immediate productivity resulting from internships, real-world examples, and guest speakers who relate academic material to existing organizational problems.
  • Interpersonal skills developed through working with groups in classes as well as social and professional organizations.
  • Ability to succeed in graduate school because the focusing of all faculty, physical and financial resources on the teaching of undergraduates has resulted in solid, academic course work.
Transfer Credit

To be sure that credit can be granted, students should obtain prior approval from the chairperson of the division before taking courses at another institution which are required in the major core, an area of specialization, or a business minor at Louisiana College.


Students may not take courses in the major core or the area of specialization for pass/fail credit unless the course is only offered pass/fail.

Requirements for Graduate School

Requirements for graduate school vary by school and by program. Individual students who have graduate school as their goal are encouraged to work with their academic advisor to develop an undergraduate program which will meet those particular requirements.

Interdisciplinary Programs

In cooperation with the Department of History and Political Science, this division provides some courses for the B.S. degree in public administration. This program is designed as an interdisciplinary preparation for government service.

In cooperation with the Department of Teacher Education, the Division of Business provides the required courses for secondary education certification in the field of business education. These requirements are AC 211 Accounting Principles I: Financial Accounting , AC 212 Accounting Principles II: Managerial Accounting , BA 150 Survey of Business , BA 200 Computer Business Applications , BA 331 Business Correspondence , BA 370 Business Ethics , BA 446 Commercial Law I , EC 221 Economic Principles I , EC 222 Economics Principles II , MG 334 Principles of Marketing , and MG 350 Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior . Additional teacher education requirements may be found in the Department of Teacher Education.

Students Preparing for the CPA Examination

Requirements vary by state to qualify to take the C.P.A. examination. Individual students who have this examination as their goal are encouraged to develop a program which will meet those particular requirements. The accounting faculty will assist any student who wishes to develop such a program, but the student is responsible for determining whether his or her program will meet the qualification requirements.

For the State of Louisiana, the requirements are a baccalaureate degree (a specialization in accounting is not required) and additional hours to total 150 semester hours (undergraduate or a combination of undergraduate and graduate hours). College transcripts must include the 24 hours of accounting and 24 hours of business courses specified below. A maximum of six internship hours may be included in the 150 semester hours. Currently, the State Board of Certified Public Accountants of Louisiana will not accept as part of the designated 48 hours: (1) internship hours, (2) hours credited by examination, and (3) hours earned on a pass/fail basis.

Accounting Hours
Intermediate Accounting 6 hrs
Cost Accounting 3 hrs
Income Tax Accounting 3 hrs
Auditing 3 hrs
Accounting elective: Advanced, Not-For-Profit, or Theory 3 hrs
Accounting elective in accounting above basic/elementary level 6 hrs
  24 hrs
Business Hours
Business courses other than accounting 21 hrs
Commercial law as it affects accounting 3 hrs
  24 hrs
  Total: 48 hrs  

Louisiana College provides a complete program for satisfying all of these requirements. In addition to the concentration in business administration, the division offers minor programs in Accounting (15 hours), Economics/Finance (15 hours), Management/Marketing (15 hours), Social Media Marketng (15 hours) and General Business (18 hours) - for students not obtaining a concentration in the department.




      Business Administration

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