2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 25, 2024  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Central Curriculum


The Central Curriculum

The Central Curriculum creates a common educational experience that provides a broad foundation for lifelong learning within a biblical worldview for all Louisiana College students. Students who complete the Central Core Curriculum will acquire knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world, demonstrate a foundation for intellectual and practical skills, and engage in personal and social responsibility.

After completing the Central Core Curriculum courses of study, students’ acquired knowledge of human cultures and of the physical and natural world will enable them to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Bible’s content and basic Christian doctrines that enable the student to explain a reasoned basis for a commitment to Jesus Christ.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of world civilization, cultural diversity, human social behavior, language, literature, and science.
  • Recognize artistic elements (such as creativity, beauty, performance) and the cultural significance of the fine arts.

The foundation of intellectual and practical skills obtained during the Central Core Curriculum courses will enable students to:

  • Demonstrate competency in written, oral, and technological communication skills.
  • Demonstrate an ability to utilize a variety of critical thinking approaches to problem solving.

The Central Core Curriculum courses’ focus on personal and social responsibility will require students to:

  • Acquire and apply biblical principles in making value judgments and personal decisions.
  • Participate in service projects, organizations, athletics, or extracurricular activities to improve overall well being.
  • Accept cultural diversity with respect and compassion, and demonstrate an understanding of global interdependence and responsibility.

The Central Core Curriculum student learning outcomes are assessed on an annual basis by faculty members from across the institution. This assessment helps to ensure an appropriate number of central core curriculum hours and seeks to demonstrate that the curriculum is accomplishing its stated objectives.


Central Curriculum Requirements

(56-57 Hours)

Foreign Language

(Choose one of the following)

Total: 3 hrs

Total: 4-5 hrs


(Choose one of the following)

Total: 3 hrs

Total: 3 hrs

Social Sciences

(Choose two of the following)

Total: 6 hrs

Total: 3 hrs

Total: 56-57 hrs

Louisiana College Connection

The Louisiana College Connection provides an ongoing process of orientation to facilitate the adjustment of incoming freshman. The program provides services to maximize student success in the total college experience and activities are designed to enhance the growth and development of students during their freshman year. Sessions held prior to registration focus on information concerning systems serving students in the academic realm, academic advising, and registration process.

All students who are full-time first-time students to Louisiana College except non-traditional students (23 years of age or older) must register for CC 100 , Louisiana College Connection, during their first semester at Louisiana College. The course is taught by faculty members. Each faculty member is assisted by an upperclassman student/Ambassador.This course familiarizes students with the college’s expectations, aids them in individual assessment, and helps them develop skills for college success.

Louisiana College Connection Course Description

CC 100 College Connection

An introduction to higher education at Louisiana College with emphasis on analysis of individual differences of each student through personality and interest tests. Students are also supervised in the formulation of adequate study skills and career objectives. There is a $125 fee for Wildcat Week. Required of all full-time first-time students to Louisiana College except non-traditional students (23 years of age or older). A college orientation course may be transferred from another college to satisfy this requirement. 1 hr