2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Dec 07, 2022  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Grading Information

Grading System

Louisiana College employs a 4-point grading system with the standard marks, “A,” “B,” “C,” “D” and “F”. A WIP designates a work-in-progress during the semester, but is not recognized as a grade. Additional considerations of importance are as follows:

Students who withdraw from a course after the end of late registration through the ninth week will receive a “W.”

Students who withdraw after the ninth week through the 14th week will receive: “WP” if passing at the time of withdrawal. “WF” if failing at the time of withdrawal. (A grade of “WF” has the same effect as an “F” on GPA calculations).

For courses which are not of normal semester length, the department will specify the last day to withdraw with a “W” (approximately 60% of the course length) and the last day to withdraw with a “WP” or “WF” (approximately 90% of the course length).

A student may not use the withdrawal process to avoid an “F” that is given for violations of the Code of Academic Integrity, serious misconduct as specified in departmental documents, or an FA (Failure due to Absences).

Students may receive a temporary grade of “I” for a course they are unable, for acceptable reasons, to complete, but wish to complete. See the Incomplete Grade policy that follows.

Submitting Final Grades

A faculty member’s teaching responsibilities include providing grades honestly and fairly within the grading system established by the institution and within the deadlines specified by the Registrar. Louisiana College recognizes the standard marks of “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” and “F” as acceptable grades. A WIP designates a work-in-progress during the semester but is not recognized as a grade.

All faculty are required to submit final grades by the final grade submission deadline established by the Registrar and the VPAA. If any student is not assigned a grade by the deadline, the Registrar’s Office will first attempt to contact the instructor of record. If the instructor cannot be reached, the Registrar will issue an “administrative F” (F*) grade and will instruct the student to contact the instructor. The grade will remain an “administrative F” (F*) until the instructor submits a Grade Change Form. Only faculty members are permitted to request a Grade Change Form, and the Registrar’s Office will issue the form on a case-by-case basis. Once the Grade Change Form has been submitted to the Registrar’s Office, the “administrative F” (F*) will be removed from the student’s academic record. The only grade that the Registrar may assign without a Grade Change Form from a faculty member is an “administrative F” (F*). An “administrative F” will be designed as F* on the student’s record.

Grade Points and Grade Point Average

Grade points are awarded for each semester hour earned as follows:

  A 4 grade points
  B 3 grade points
  C 2 grade points
  D 1 grade point
  No grade points for any other grade

For example, students who makes a “B” in a 3-hour course earn 9 grade points. Student grade point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing the number of grade points earned by the number of semester hours attempted. For example, students who have earned 42 grade points while attempting 12 hours have a GPA of 3.50.

Incomplete Grades

If students are prevented from completing a course by circumstances beyond their control, a grade of “I” may be requested. Students may receive the grade of “I” provided they have attended 75 percent of the total number of class sessions, are passing the course, and are prevented from completing the course before the last day of the semester by a documented, extenuating circumstance beyond his/her control, such as deployment, natural disaster, medical illness or surgery, family emergency, death in the immediate family, or job relocation. Failing to attend class or turn in required course work does not meet the qualifications of an extenuating circumstance. The student must provide relevant support documentation, substantiating the stated circumstance, and the student must provide documentation from the instructor for attendance and grade. Students must submit a written request asking the instructor to report an “incomplete.” All of the documentation must be submitted with the “incomplete form” to the VPAA for final approval.

To deal honestly and fairly with students, incompletes should only be assigned to students who qualify for the extended time and should not be administered to prevent a student from receiving a failing grade or to allow the student more time to pass the course. An “incomplete” may not be given merely because students fail to complete all course requirements on time, nor is it an option that may be elected at their own discretion. It is a student’s responsibility to make specific arrangements with their instructors to complete the course work.

Students who are granted “incompletes” have until the date set by the instructor (but not later than the final class day of the next regular semester from the end of the term in which the course was taken) to complete the remaining course requirements. Any incomplete grade not removed by the date set by the instructor (but not later than the final class day of the next regular semester from the end of the term in which the course was taken) will automatically become an “F”.

Pass/Fail Grading Option

To encourage student development of a breadth of interest outside the Central Curriculum and the major program of study, the college permits students to be evaluated on a pass/fail basis during a regular semester when the following conditions are met:

Junior classification.
Minimum GPA of 2.25.
Registrar’s Office must be notified by the end of late registration. (Forms for this purpose are available in the Registrar’s Office.)
Students may take a maximum of 12 hours of course work pass/fail.

Courses in the Central Curriculum or the student’s major may not be taken pass/fail. (A few internship/practicum-type courses have been approved by the faculty for pass/fail grading. They are exceptions to these conditions.)

Grade Reports

Grade reports are posted on the Louisiana College website at the end of each semester. Absence and deficiency reports are posted prior to mid-semester for students who have deficiencies (“D” or “F”) and/or excessive absences. Students should check the Registrar’s Office page on the LC website for information on how to obtain their grade reports.

Special Credit Information

Louisiana College offers credit for educational experiences outside the traditional classroom in several areas. Through experiences such as testing and distance education, students may earn credit toward their degrees at Louisiana College. For each category of special credit, additional information is available from the Registrar’s Office.

Credit by Testing

Louisiana College participates in the ACT, Advanced Placement, CLEP, Departmental Credit by Exam, and SAT testing programs. A student may earn a maximum of thirty (30) hours of credit toward a degree in any one of the four programs. Overall, a maximum of sixty (60) hours of credit through testing may be applied toward a degree at Louisiana College. A recording fee of $12 per semester hour is assessed for credit granted by testing.

ACT Score

Students entering Louisiana College from high school will be allowed advance credit in areas in which they scored at or above the 95th percentile nationally on the ACT under the following guidelines:

Those who score at that level in the English section of the ACT may be admitted conditionally to EN 105  Honors. Students admitted to EN 105  must write a validation essay in the first regular class session to confirm placement. Upon successful completion of EN 105 , students will be given credit for EN 101 .

Those who score at that level in the scientific reasoning section of the ACT will be given three hours credit for natural sciences in an area in which the student shows specific high school preparation.

Those who score at that level in the mathematics section of the ACT will be given credit for MA 111 , (college algebra).

Additional information and the form for requesting credit by ACT score is available in the Registrar’s Office.

SAT Score

Students entering Louisiana College from high school who scored at or above the 95th percentile nationally on the verbal section of the SAT may be admitted conditionally to EN 105  Honors. Students admitted to EN 105  must write a validation essay in the first regular class session to confirm placement. Upon successful completion of EN 105 , students will be given credit for EN 101 .

Advanced Placement

Louisiana College participates in the Advanced Placement (AP) program of the College Board. Where available, the AP program provides high school students the opportunity to take college- level courses in their local area. Students who achieve an acceptable score on an AP examination may be given credit for certain courses in art, biology, chemistry, computer science, history, mathematics, music, physics and political science. Listed below are the AP courses for which Louisiana College allows credit, the minimum required scores, and the credit that can be awarded. The form for requesting AP credit is available in the Registrar’s Office. A maximum of thirty (30) hours of credit earned through the Advanced Placement program may be applied toward a degree.

AP Course Score Credit Awarded
Biology 3 BI 101 , BI 113 , or BI 115 * (3 hrs)
Calculus AB 3 MA 218  (3 hrs)
  5 MA 218 , MA 318  (6 hrs)
Calculus BC 3 MA 218  (3 hrs)
  4 MA 218 , MA 318  (6 hrs)
  5 MA 218 , MA 318 , MA 322  (9 hrs)
Chemistry 3 CH 111  or CH 113 *(3 hrs)
Computer Science A 3 CS 250 , CS 251  (4 hrs)
Computer Science AB 3 CS 250 , CS 251  (4 hrs)
  4 CS 250 , CS 251 , CS 350 , CS 351  (8 hrs)
English Lit and Comp Exam 4 EN 101  and EN 200  
English Comp and Language 4 EN 101  and EN 102  
Government & Politics: United States 4 PS 232  (3 hrs)
Music Theory 3 MU 141 , MU 143  (4 hrs)
  4 MU 141 , MU 143 , MU 142 , MU 144  (8 hrs)
Physics B 3 PH 220  (3 hrs)
  4 PH 220 , PH 222  (6 hrs)
Psychology 3 PY 220  (3 hrs)
Statistics 3 MA 211  (3 hrs)
Studio Art: 2-D Design Portfolio** 3 AR 101  (3 hrs)
Studio Art: 3-D Design Portfolio** 3 AR 102  (3 hrs)
Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio** 3 AR 103  (3 hrs)
United States History 4 HI 221 , HI 222  (6 hrs)
World History 4 HI 101 , HI 102  (6 hrs)

*Department coordinator will determine appropriate credit.
**The student’s portfolio must also be submitted to the department coordinator.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Louisiana College accepts credits earned through the College Level Examination Program. This program provides a wide variety of tests in subjects such as American government, introductory accounting, and psychology. Additional information about CLEP, including a complete list of courses and acceptable scores, is available from the Registrar’s Office.

CLEP credit examinations may not be taken for courses previously taken for credit or audit. A maximum of thirty (30) hours of credit earned through the CLEP program may be applied toward a degree.

CLEP Exam Minimum Score Credit Awarded
General Biology 49 BI 101  (3 hrs)
Principles of Management 50 MG 350  (3 hrs)
Introductory Accounting* 50 AC 211 , AC 212  (6 hrs)
Introductory Business Law 51 BA 446  (3 hrs)
Principles of Marketing** 50 MG 334  (3 hrs)
Introductory Macroeconomics 50 EC 221  (3 hrs)
Introductory Microeconomics 50 EC 222  (3 hrs)
General Chemistry 47 CH 111 , CH 113  (6 hrs)
Educational Psychology 52 ED 295  (3 hrs)
Human Growth and Development 50 ED 395  (3 hrs)
American Literature** 55 EN 201  (3 hrs)
English Literature** 55 EN 200  (3 hrs)
Foreign Languages
Spanish 50 SP 101  (3 hrs)
  56 SP 101 , SP 102  (6 hrs)
French 50 FR 101  (3 hrs)
  56 FR 101 , FR 102  (6 hrs)
German 50 GM 101  (3 hrs)
  56 GM 101 , GM 102  (6 hrs)
History & Political Science
American Government 55 PS 232  (3 hrs)
American History I: To 1877 55 HI 221  (3 hrs)
American History II: From 1865 55 HI 222  (3 hrs)
Calculus / Elementary Functions 47 MA 218  (3 hrs)
College Algebra 47 MA 111  (3 hrs)
Trigonometry 50 MA 112  (3 hrs)
General Psychology 55 PY 220  (3 hrs)

*Course credit will not count toward requirements to sit for the CPA exam.
**CLEP Free-Response section required.

Departmental Credit by Examination

Various departments at Louisiana College have devised tests for selected courses which a student may wish take for possible credit. Information about a specific exam should be requested from the appropriate department chairperson. The form for receiving departmental credit by exam is available from the Registrar’s Office.

Departmental credit examinations may not be taken for courses previously taken for credit or audit. A maximum of thirty (30) hours of credit earned through the Departmental Credit by Examination program may be applied toward a degree. The following courses are approved for Departmental Credit by Examination testing:

Division of Business:

Accounting Principles I: Financial Accounting AC 211  (3 hrs)

Accounting Principles II: Managerial Accounting AC 212  (3 hrs)

Division of Humanities: (Departmental exams are given upon successful completion (grade of “C” or higher) of the next course in the

Elementary French I FR 101  (3 hrs)

Elementary French II FR 102  (3 hrs)

Elementary Spanish I SP 101  (3 hrs)

Elementary Spanish II SP 102  (3 hrs)

Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics:

Introduction to Computer Technology CS 150  (3 hrs)

College Algebra MA 111  (3 hrs)

Trigonometry MA 112  (3 hrs)

General Chemistry CH 111  (3 hrs)

General Chemistry Lab CH 112  (2 hrs)

Division of Visual & Performing Arts:

Piano Lab MU 101  or 301 (1 hr)

Military Service Credit

Louisiana College values the dedication and service offered by the men and women of the US armed forces. A student who has completed active military duty will be granted Military Service credit for such service on presentation of satisfactory evidence in accordance with the following chart. Military Service Credit cannot exceed 12 hours. All Military Service Credit will be awarded as HP credit.

Months of Active-Duty Military Service Military Service Credit Hours Awarded
4 months 1 semester hour (HP Credit)
6 months 2 semester hours (HP Credit)
Each 3 months in addition to the first 6 + 1 semester hours (HP Credit) not to exceed 12 credits*.

*For a student to achieve 12 semester hours of Military Service credit they must be in continuous active-duty for 3 years (36 months).

Military Academic Credit

Academic credit is available to military service personnel who have evidence of satisfactory completion of specific series schools. A copy of the service record (DD214 or DD295) must be submitted for evaluation and awarding the credit. Acceptance of academic credit is subject to the specific degree requirements of a chosen major while at Louisiana College. Each applicant is evaluated individually, then the registrar’s office and the appropriate division chair will make the final determination of all credit awarded.

Individuals interested in receiving academic credit for courses taken at military service schools should submit a copy of the following documents (as appropriate):

Transcripts and documentation must be sent to:

Louisiana College
Office of Admissions
1140 College Dr. Box 566
Pineville, LA 71359

Police Academy Credit

Louisiana College values the commitment and service of all law enforcement personnel. Those professionals who desire to attend Louisiana College and major in Criminal Justice have the opportunity to be awarded 3 semester hours credit in lieu of Criminal Justice Field Placement (CJ405). To receive this credit the student must have completed a 320 hour (or more) basic training course as prescribed and certified by the Louisiana Council on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST). Those students who completed the training outside of the State of Louisiana must be able to demonstrate that the training transfers to Louisiana in accordance with Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 22, Part III, Chapter 47. Please contact the Human Behavior department for more information regarding this benefit.

Graduation Requirements

The faculty of Louisiana College seeks to foster an environment in which students grow to maturity spiritually, intellectually and physically. As a community of learning and free inquiry whose academic program is presented from a Christian perspective, the college maintains those distinctions envisioned by its founders and reaffirmed by succeeding generations of students, faculty, administrators and trustees to whom the work of the college is entrusted. To preserve for its graduates these distinctions, the faculty has designed programs of study which include experiences in general education as well as proficiency in some particular area of knowledge. To these ends, a graduate of Louisiana College will have done the following:

Earned at least 127 semester hours of credit, 42 of which must be on the junior-senior level. Earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 overall.
Earned at least a “C” in each course of their major field of study.
Earned a minimum grade-point-average of 2.25 in their major field of study.
Taken all the courses of the Central Curriculum.
Completed a major and a minor or a concentration selected from those described in the catalog or individually designed by the student.
Completed 30 of the last 36 semester hours of course work at Louisiana College.
Earned at least 25 percent of credit applied toward the degree through instruction offered by Louisiana College.
Complete Spiritual and Cultural Enrichment requirements.
Satisfy all financial obligations.

Some programs of study have additional requirements which must be completed to receive a degree. Those requirements are noted in the section of the catalog where the program is described.

Application for graduation from Louisiana College must be made one year prior to graduation. Students may obtain graduation applications from the Registrar’s Office.

Dean’s List

The Dean’s List includes students who have carried a minimum of 12 hours in the designated semester with a 3.5 minimum grade point average with no grade below “C.”

Graduation with Honors

Students who graduate with an honor point average of 3.5-3.69 will receive their degrees cum laude; those with an average of 3.70-3.89, magna cum laude; and those with an average of 3.9-4.0, summa cum laude.

A transfer student must meet these honor point average requirements both for his cumulative average and for the overall hours taken at Louisiana College. Where differences occur, the lower value will be used to determine graduation with honors. A student must take at least 57 hours at Louisiana College to graduate with honors.